January 7, 2012

In awe.

Do you ever have those moments where God's miracles leave you speechless as if you had never heard the story before?  Like a child learning something amazing for the first time.  I was reading Romans yesterday and came across this old gem.

I've read this a million times.  But as I was reading it yesterday, those words just struck a new cord with me.  I was working on my scrapbook {Project Life... which I still need to blog about... love it} and looking at pictures of Jude's birth and was just in awe.  Pregnancy and birth is amazing.  AMAZING!  You can't deny it.  Because of God's eternal power and divine nature Jordan and I were able to take part in creating another life.  And lively he is!  And it is true... once you clearly see God's power, you have no excuse.  There is no denying God. 

Just had to get that out.  I know it isn't profound.  But, sometimes God makes old things new again to show his power and goodness, and I'm glad I got to experience that awe again yesterday. :-)

* * * * * * * *

On another note, 2012 has been nothing short of eventful.  I spent the New Year and the following days taking care of a hubby who was virus-ridden... tied to the toilet for one reason or another.  And a poor boy who didn't understand why Daddy wasn't playing with him or holding or kissing him.  Poor buddy.  But, thankfully, Jordan and I sanitized like crazy and Jude and I avoided the flu bug.  

But can I just say, is this January or is it April??  It was so nice yesterday, Jude and I couldn't stand to stay inside.  So we didn't.

As much as I get frustrated in our small house, I would not trade it's location for anything.  We are less than a block away from an amazing trail and within easy walking distance of two parks.  I have a feeling we'll be going there quite often next summer.  

So, 2012 has been pretty good to us so far {minus flu-virus}.  Some things I'm looking forward to.

  • Studying Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity book with my sweet sister in a few weeks after she settles in Jamaica.  It will be so great to have this as another reason to connect and grow closer.  Physical distance is nothing, these days. :-)
  • Reading Radical with Jordan starting... as soon as I load it on my Kindle.  I am so excited about this book.  I have a lot of things stirring in my heart, and I feel like this book is just going to fuel the fire.
  • Starting a Bible Study with an awesome group of ladies next week.  Once a week to connect with other young moms to be encouraged in our walk with Christ?  Yes, please!
  • Another doctors appointment in a couple weeks and an exciting ultrasound on Feb 13.  
  • Many wonderful friends who are welcoming new babies into the world in the next 6 weeks, then even more in about 4 months... and then guess who's next? :-)

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