January 24, 2012

Sharing the love on Mondays.

Mondays weren't always my favorite.  After spending a weekend relaxing and enjoying friends, the alarm clock was often a rude awakening to the work day ahead.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have a job I looked forward to going to.  And then once the little man arrived, those days of sleeping in were long gone.  I still don't look forward to Mondays in the sense that my hubby goes off to bring home the bacon and Jude and I look forward to 5pm (or 6 or 7 some days) when we get to see him again.  

But lately, I love Mondays.  The last two especially.

I have joined a women's bible study, and in just two weeks I can tell this was just the relational and spiritual boost I was craving.  It is SO uplifting to spend Monday morning with other Christ-following ladies, who have crazy kids running around, preggo bellies galore, and marriages that need some extra attention (just like mine).  

Since being home, I have missed community.  I love being home with Jude, but I miss being filled each and every day by people.  This, I know, will be the perfect way to start my week.

So, yesterday, we got talking about the topic of being filled, and pouring into our children  (okay, so maybe I was talking about it... being that it is heavy on my heart for 2012).  I talked about how I realized it was important for me to be filled with things that are holy, worthy, good... so that I could have a Godly perspective as I spend my days with Jude.

I mentioned how we listen to Beth Moore podcasts during lunch, and how blogs have been a tremendous encouragement to me as a stay at home mom.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing life with other women.  Women who love to write (like I do), are just such an encouragement to me as they share their daily struggles and triumphs.

So, they asked that I send them a list of the blogs that I love to follow.  And I thought, why not share with all of you?  So here you have it.  These women (or men) have no idea how they have encouraged me to be a better woman, wife, mother, person.  

Written by Ann Voskamp, the author of One Thousand Gifts.  This book is on my MUST READ ASAP list!

John Piper's blog.  Lots to learn from this man.  He recently did a post about abortion that I really liked.  Some of my favorites, though, are from guest authors like this one.

Awesome encouragement to get into God's word.  Along with tools to make your study times more effective.  Just overall encouraging!

A sister site of Do Not Depart, this site offers encouragement for women in their walks with the Lord.

This blog focuses on adoption, a growing passion of mine.  Lots of powerful testimonies and encouragement!

Sally Clarkson's blog... author of The Mission of Motherhood.  I've been encouraged and convicted time and time again by this woman in my journey of motherhood.

A faith blog written by many wise women.  Just love it!

Beth Moore's ministry blog.  Need I say more? :-)

This blog has been tremendously influential in my life to encourage me to spend my time wisely, and gives me tools to do so!  She has a HelloMornings challenge every few months.  I joined once shortly after Jude was born and failed miserably.  I hope to join again soon!

This isn't a blog, but a collection of Christian podcasts that you can listen to for free!  Jude and I will often listen to Beth Moore, Ravi Zacharias or Family Life while we eat lunch!

Now, I don't check each of these every day.  I use Google Reader to subscribe to all of my blogs, and I have these in the category of "Faith".  I'll skim through every couple of days and read the ones that catch my interest.  These are definitely favorites of mine though!

What blogs do you find encouraging?  I'd love to hear your suggestions as well!

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