January 27, 2012


Tomorrow, two of my favorite boys grow up a day.

The bigger one will leave his beloved twenties behind and take on the responsibility of a thirty-year-old! 

I tease him about it, of course, because I have to, being that I am 3 years younger.  But I have a feeling that our thirties are going to be some of the best years yet.  Raising our family.  Our kids starting school.  Hopefully adding more kids to the mix somehow.  Maybe moving.  Maybe a new career direction for Jordan.  Who knows.  I'm excited for this new era in my hubby's life.

And I'm SO happy that it is him that I am doing life with.  He's such a servant.  His actions convict me to be more giving.  He's an amazing father.  Regardless of the kind of day he's had at work, he pushes it all aside and gets down on the floor with Jude to spend every moment he can with him.  Family comes first with this man.  

He's passionate.  About our marriage.  His family.  Music.  Politics.  History.  Truth.  Christ.  Discipleship.  The Church.  Reading the word every day.  Get him started on any of these topics and you'll know what I mean.

He's quirky.  Spontaneous dances in the kitchen are not unheard of.  Crazy nick-names for everyone in the house (I'm surprised anyone knows their real name).  The goofy voices he uses when reading to Jude.  

He knows who he is.  In Christ.  As a man.  And that is super attractive.

Then there is this little guy, who will be 10 months old tomorrow (although these beautiful pictures were taken when he was 7 months old).  I'm savoring his last day as a single-digit baby.  But we'll have more updates on how crazy much he's grown in the past month tomorrow.  Just looking at this picture it blows my mind how much a baby can grow in a few months.

All of that to say, I love my little (growing) family.  I'm so excited for what this next season holds for us!

Happy last-day-of-being-29, my love!



  1. Being happily married is the BEST! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful spouse with whom to share this life! And I'm sure you're headed for so much more fun as your family grows!

  2. And we're so thankful for the two amazing men that God has brought into your life, as well. How blessed you are...we are!! We love them both so much. oxo

  3. Awww this almost made me cry! The "spontaneous dances in the kitchen" made me think of Dad. LOL :D