February 28, 2012

Dear Jude :: 11 months

My sweet little boy,

I don't think it's possible that 11 months have passed since you were born.  Alas, here we are.

You are on the move.  Sitting and even crawling is just no fun anymore.  You want to be standing and walking.  Although you can't walk on your own yet, you are so so close.  You basically walk all around the perimeter of the house just to keep your balance.  There have been a few times when you have let go and taken a risk with standing alone.  I think that the day is near. :-)

Shortly after you turned 10 months old you started taking one nap a day.  However, shortly after that happened, you decided you didn't like it and are back on two naps a day.  Haha.  Mama doesn't complain.  You now get two bottles a day, but you get formula in a sippy at each meal.  You do pretty good with that, but you never down a sippy.  I think by the time you are 1, having milk at your meals will add up to enough.  You eat what we eat and are kind of becoming a picky eater!  You'll love something one day and refuse it the next.  Mama works hard to make sure you get plenty of nutrition in what you are eating!!

You are still such a daddy's boy.  If he is home, he is all you want.  You love throwing the ball back and forth.  You also love knocking over towers daddy builds.  You also have a growing love for books and will point at certain things if we ask.  You aren't really talking much yet.  I think you are focusing on figuring out walking. :-)  But you still, at times, say "dada" and "mama", but that's it so far!

You have been doing great in church nursery!  Mama is so proud.  A few weeks ago you tired yourself out so much you fell asleep in Mama's arms at the end of church.  Those moments are few and far between. :-)

We love you so much, sweet boy.  I can't believe you will be ONE so soon.  This year has been one of the most blessed we've ever experienced.  You've brought so much joy to our life!

And... just for memories sake.  This is what Mama looked like 1 year ago... counting down the days before we could meet you.

Mama at 8 months pregnant.  SOOOO excited to meet you!  And in a few months we'll be in the same place with your little brother.  So hard to believe!

We love you so much, peanut.  And we are so proud of you!

Love, Mama.


  1. One month until One??? It is so amazing to me how much changes in the first year. Wonderful, but crazy!!!
    And yah for a baby that falls asleep in your arms! How precious. :)

    By the way, I looove Jude's dino shirt!! Too cute :)

  2. Precious, precious post! I love reading your monthly letters to your little guy.