February 14, 2012

Drumroll, please...

First things first... Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love my hubby, and one of the things I love about him is that neither of us put on a lot of pressure for holidays like V-day.  It's just not us.  I know I'm not getting anything for Valentine's Day and I am A-OK with that.  But he does little things in the everyday that show me he loves me.  He's such a servant day after day.  Love that man.


So, we got a little sneak peak at baby G2 yesterday.


Jude's little brother.

That's right... another boy!

I couldn't be more thrilled.  I was really hoping this baby would be a boy, just since they are going to be so close in age.  If brothers are anything like sisters, they're going to be best buds. :-)

Saying "hi!".
We are so blessed that everything looks perfect with this little guy.  He was measuring exactly on for his due date of June 30, 2012.  He is in the 51st percentile all around.  He weighs about 12 oz right now!  It is crazy to see how developed he is already and to know he is only an eighth of the size he will be when we meet him.  He was moving around like CRAZY during our ultrasound, and then got sleepy and we saw him yawn a few times.  Such a sweet boy already. :-)

Now it is crunch-time to get Jude's room ready.  I really want to move him out of the nursery and into his own room by the time he turns 1... which is in about 6 weeks!  Yikes!  

Also, this sweet little guy needs a name.  I'm somewhat lost.  I'd love suggestions!  We like names that are uncommon, but not weird.  They don't need to have Biblical meaning, but we would like a name that has a good, strong meaning.  We like masculine names.  We don't like boys names that can also be girls names.  And the letter "J" is off limits!  So that only leaves about nine hundred thousand names left. :-)  

Love you already, our littlest little man!


  1. Congratulations Lindsy!! How wonderful for your family. I do hope that if you have a pet it is female ;)

    1. Haha! Yes, luckily our dog AND cat are both female. ;-) But I'm still outnumbered!

  2. Congrats!! I secretly hoped for my 2nd to be another girl since they are close in age too! And it is sooo wonderful watching their sister relationship unfold.
    Have fun planning for your 2 boys! As for names, I think these names would sound great as a sibling set with Jude: Beckett, Cohen, Levi, Noah, and I just recently came across the name Thaddeus, nickname Thad, I thought it was pretty cool.

  3. Yah!!! Congrats! They sure will be the bestest of friends :)
    What about the name Ezra? I believe it means "aid". Or Asa? I think that one means "healer".