February 20, 2012

It grows.

Today was one of those days.

The days where the love for your child just overwhelm you and it kind of hurts... in a good way.  

My boy is oh, so sweet.  He's quite the Mama boy right now and has been giving me more and more sweet snuggles.  I love to see his affectionate side come out in short spurts between his go-go-go crazy side.  He doesn't give anyone else the same open-mouth kisses.  Not like he kisses his mama.  

And the way he lays his head on my shoulder for a couple of extra seconds of cuddles after nap-time.  

And how when he is sad, or hurt, only Mama will do.  {sorry Dada}  But when it is about play, he knows who to go to {Dada}.

And the way he so excitedly waves his arms to sign "more" and then "all done" at the dinner table.  Such a smarty.

And the way he's learned he can "fake" smile the sweetest cheesiest smile ever.  Oh, my heart.

Or the way he turns and smirks when I say "No, No, Baby!"... stinker.  {although he is obedient most of the time}

God has blessed me!  I don't deserve the privilege of being this boy's Mama.  But somehow God thought I was fit for the job.

It is amazing how my priorities and values have completely changed in the past almost-11 months.  Many of the things I used to care about, meaningless.  But my kids?  Yeah, I'd give my life.

I love that boy.  And I have to admit... I do wonder if I could ever love another the same way.

Then I feel the little bean wiggling about in my belly... just like Jude did.  And I know that I can.  And I do.  Because this love doesn't divide, it only grows.

It is so sweet to be the Mama of boys.


  1. Love it. Do you ever remember me saying to you, "Someday when you have kids you'll finally understand just how much I love you."...? (After which you probably rolled your eyes...ha.) I LOVE that that day has arrived...that you finally KNOW how much I love you...that you finally know how my heart melted over you and how I wondered how I could ever possibly love another. But once #2 is born you'll realize that God has doubled the size of your heart like He did mine. It is a wonderfully amazing and overwhelming (in a good way) thing. I love you so so much...and love that you have now tripled/quadrupled the size of my heart by giving me Jude and G2. There are no words for such gifts. oxoxo

  2. Aww, you've got me in tears, girl! That last picture is precious!! It's funny how the littlest of things stir our hearts. Yesterday, for me, it was that I noticed that Molly learned that pressing the buttons on my phone makes it light up. I just love seeing her learn that!! :)

  3. Great blog! Found you on BBC when I did a search for "blogging" looking for other blogs.
    And you're right about love only growing. It doesn't divide, it doesn't take anything away by adding another baby. I've got three and I love them all just as much as I did the first. Pretty amazing.