February 1, 2012

Oh, motherhood.

I remember, when I was pregnant with Jude, I thought I would never forget every little precious detail.  Every moment, every fear, every symptom, every joy.

Oh, how quickly we do.

I've been freaking out concerned the past day or two because I couldn't feel little G2 moving much... if at all.  I know, anterior placenta, blah blah blah.  But when you had felt the babe, and then... nothing... you can't help but be concerned as a mama.  

I prayed and prayed that I would get some sign that he/she was still wiggling about in there.

Still nothing yesterday.  I feel like I was awake most of the night because I didn't want to miss the slightest movement.  That, and insomnia is one of my lovely pregnancy symptoms.

Then today.  This kid won't. stop. moving.

And I remembered.  Jude had similar patterns.  He'd be kinda calm and quiet for a day or two and then be a crazy man.  I usually grew a bit at that time too.  I always thought it was a growth spurt.  And eventually, I got used to it and stopped worrying if a day passed where he seemed to be sleeping a bit more.

Motherhood... keeps you on your knees, that is for sure.

* * * 

On another note, we've been having nap battles over here.

One nap, or two?  That is the question.

My boy has always been such a good sleeper, and he is such a happy boy.  Honestly, if I didn't have a video monitor I'd think he was sleeping like an angel.  But, thank goodness for the video, I realize that he is not sleeping, but rather standing in his crib, walking around the edges over and over.  He's also sitting down, throwing his blankie around and trying to give his stuffed giraffe his paci.  Not making a peep (aside from the occasional squeal of joy)... and this went on for an hour and a half this afternoon.  I went in a few times to lay him back down and every time was greeted by a tremendous smile.  I kept at it thinking surely he would give in soon.

So, today was a one nap day.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  But I feel like my baby 10-month old can't possibly be old enough for one nap?!  Can he?

Oh, motherhood.

Look at this after-bathtime hair.



  1. Yes! Crazy how I've forgotten so much from pregnancy! I do remember those days though--they move and then they don't. Freak out and then pray. Seems like that doesn't really stop when they're outside the womb :)

  2. His after-bathtime curls are PRECIOUS!