March 16, 2012

Friday Phone-dump v.2

Our first CSA box started this week!  We're sharing with my parents this time.  And the rutabaga fries I made were delicious!

Women's Retreat weekend.  Lots of encouragement and challenges.  I didn't write about it this week, but I hope to soon!

Okay, so this is off Jordan's phone, but I thought it was too cute.  Playing with Dada while Mama is at the retreat. :-)

Playing with Dada is so much fun!

Jude's first work of art.  Still hanging on the fridge. :-)

Love these sweet little curls.

Helping Dada practice.

We had beautiful sunny weather this week!

Actually it got downright HOT!  78??  In March??  In Michigan??

So, someone didn't wear pants.

I mean, why wear pants if it is socially acceptable not to??  Really.

Special Delivery for the whole family!

And I have this coming to me in a couple of weeks.  $200 OFF.  A steal I tell you.  I can't wait.

Post-bath baby... sitting on his brother. :-)

Can ya give me a lift??

We had to take advantage of the weather and go for a quick walk before dinner.

Makes me downright giddy.

His sweaty mop.  Love.


  1. I love those little blonde curls too! Reminds me of a couple of little boys I used to know.

  2. The blond curls are delicous! I love his post-bath expression too.

  3. We just needed one more thing in hubby plays guitar too :) :)