March 30, 2012

Friday Phone-Dump v.4

First of all... I'm sorry to all I caused tears after my last post!!  I guess I should assume if I cry through writing a post, that others may do the same.  I promise to warn you next time. :-)

Secondly... this was a BIG instagram week!  Here we go.

We took a BIG all-day trip to IKEA on Saturday.  Jude did AMAZING.  This was taken at the end after shopping for 4-plus hours.

Not even 10 minutes in the car. :-)

Playing with the new car rug!

Helping Dada build some of our new furniture!

Sunday dessert.  Delicious!!

Sleeping in the car - holding Mama's hand.

Playing with our new toy shelf!

Avocado grilled cheese and smoothies are DELICIOUS!  

Our new office area - since Jude will soon be moving into ours!

My sweet sweet boy on his birthday morning.

Birthday pancakes!!

Saying bye-bye to Dada.

Going in for some puppy kisses.

God's beauty.

"I AM 1"

Birthday donut!

Birthday presents!

The best part, of course, is the boxes.

Buds. :-)

Matching animals - or eating them. :-)

I've been really blessed by this study this week.

Getting ready for the birthday party!!

Yes, these did taste as good as they looked.

A year never went so fast.

Some of Jude's first REAL steps walking.  He hasn't stopped since!  All of the sudden it is his preferred method of getting from here to there. :-)  My baby becomes a toddler over-night.

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  1. Yes...tear-jerker warning next time ; )

    I can't believe he's walking! Gosh...I can't believe that will be my girl in a few months. You're right...time has never gone by so quickly!

  2. Your little guy is so adorable. Time moves far too quickly with little people. Many times throughout the week I wish we could slow it all down. Great pictures and happy birthday to your sweet boy.
    p.s. that Sunday dessert looks fabulous!