March 22, 2012



  • It's been in the 80's here... in March.  And we just caved and turned on our A.C. last night.  Probably because Jordan got home and Jude was practically naked and I may have looked like I melted into a puddle.  But it's on now.  Ahhh...  
  • Baby G2 is taking after his brother.  Moving like a maniac and growing right on schedule.  We're to the part where I can feel those little feet and elbows right through my belly.  SO fun.  But we're also close to the part where I get feet and elbows stuck in my ribs, while also kicking my bladder.  I'm enjoying 2nd trimester... for another two weeks.
  • Oh, and the other kiddo... umm... he turns 1 in less than a week.  ONE.  YEAR.  OLD.  'nuff said.  I can't wait for his birthday party with family and friends.  But still.  I have a one year old.
  • I'm excited to start this study with my bible study girls this week.  Still probably one of my most favorite points in the week.  A breath of fresh air.
  • Jude is learning a ton.  He knows where his ear and foot is.  Even though if you ask him where his nose is, he still points to his ear. :-)  He is also starting to throw lovely tantrums when things don't go his way.  Welcome to toddler-hood.
  • I have a super long list of books to read.  Radical is on the top of it.  I'm about 6 chapters in.  I also have the Hunger Games loaded on my Kindle, ready to go.  But I have new-book anxiety.  I'm afraid to start one because it will suck me in and take all my time.  Crazy, right?
  • I realized I have not worked full-time in a year.  I took maternity leave a week before Jude was born.  We can just call the theme of this post: I can't believe how fast time flies.
  • I'm loving my iPhone.  It's simplified my life more than I expected.  I hardly need to get on the computer anymore (except to blog of course).  Oh, and Instagram.  Love.
  • I'm having a hard time switching Jude from the bottle to the sippy.  He's a sipper.  He doesn't guzzle down milk in a sippy at all.  A bottle, yes.  Not so in a sippy.  I'm a little stressed that he isn't getting enough milk (we're down to 1 bottle before bed).  But at the same time I'm kind of in the camp that doesn't think he needs 24oz of milk a day if he is getting nutrition from healthy food.  Right now we're lucky if he drinks 16oz a day.
  • I'm having a horrible time picking out a name for baby #2.  I felt settled on a name and then was second guessing... it just didn't feel right.  Like Jude felt so perfect.  I still feel like that name is a front-runner.  But we will see.  I'm always taking suggestions!
  • I'm trying to focus on building God's kingdom instead of my own.  In all areas of my life.  My marriage.  My kids.  My home.  What does that mean for me?  Today.


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