March 2, 2012

The Lord is God the entire time.

I cannot help but to write about this controversial topic.  My heart is heavy, praying for the unborn of this world.  

Perhaps it is my current state... mother of an "unborn" myself.  

Two days ago I hear of a friend who was pregnant, due a month after me, who has lost her son due to an issue with the cord.  My heart aches for her.  It is devastating.  And we often wonder Why God???  But I am inspired by her faith... and I've been in prayer constantly for her.

Then, yesterday, I am reading in Psalm 22 and come across this verse, spoken to my heart.

This verse spoke to me instantly.  We are planning for Jude's dedication this weekend {I know... a bit late... but it is happening} and I knew that I wanted this verse read.  This is my prayer for my children.  From the time even before their birth, that they would know the Lord as their God.

This is my prayer for my friend as well... that she would be comforted in this truth.  God brought her son out of the womb... the Lord is her son's God and he will see God's beautiful face before any other.  

And then... there is an article circulating Facebook right now.  Perhaps you've seen it.

At first I thought, this cannot be true.  People cannot possibly even entertain the thought that killing newborns is an option.  But then I got thinking.  I agree with this author.  I agree that there is a life inside of me, with a soul, a personality, a name.  That life has been there since the first moments his cells started dividing.  To stop that process is, well, murder.  No different from killing a newborn.

I know this is a controversial topic.  I have friends who are very pro-choice, and believe that there is nothing wrong with abortion.  We disagree on when life truly begins.  I have friends who I know have had abortions themselves, and have experienced God's grace since then {Praise the Lord!!}.  Many will challenge me, judge me, disagree with me on this stance.  But I truly don't care.  Because I know the truth.

But, my heart is still heavy.  There is an absolute truth.  The truth that the Lord places children in their mother's wombs for a reason.  The Lord designates the time that they are to be brought out.  

And the Lord is God the entire time.  

So, join me today in praying for all of the children in this world.  The  unborn.  The unexpected.  The unwanted.  The unloved.  

And also those who have been born and none would argue are living life,  but are still unwanted and unloved.  God has a tremendous heart for the orphan.  And I know that many of the unborn are already orphans... some never experience love from the moment of their conception.

In any case, let the truth remain clear.  From the time a child is in the mother's womb, the Lord is God.  They have a soul.  The Lord is God the entire time.  

*steps off soapbox and falls onto knees*

My beautiful unborn son.


  1. Amen! My heart aches on this issue as well. I also have many friends who are pro-choice . . . and I love those girls! (and guys) . . . but I feel so strongly about the sanctity of life even at conception (which is such a miracle).

  2. This is a beautiful post Lindsay! My heart too aches for your friend! I lost a child (miscarriage) and I finally found joy in the fact that my child is with God. It was one of the hardest things I had to go through but I felt God there with me the whole time! I look forward to seeing my baby one day
    Sending up prayers and praise for you and your family! Happy to find your blog through the Children Ladies fb Group