April 3, 2012

Dear Jude :: 12 months

My dear sweet ONE YEAR OLD Jude,

First of all, you are ONE.  I can hardly believe it.  This past year has been just amazing to spend with you.  The very best of my life without a doubt.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

You have grown tremendously the past month!  First of all, at your doctors appointment, you were much more aware and leery of what was happening.  You clung to Mama instead of just observing what was going on around you.  Your understanding of the world has just exploded.  You understand what we say so much more and are able to follow simple directions very well.

At your doctors appointment you weighed 22lbs 15.5oz and were 30.5 inches tall (54th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height).  You are wearing a mix of 12 and 18 month clothes and wear a size 4-5 shoe.  

You are still in-between 1-2 naps.  Most days two naps are needed, but you only take one from time to time.  Today, for example, you took one 45 minute nap!  Yikes!  Amazingly you are still a pretty pleasant baby even when this happens!

The changes are happening daily at this point.  On Wednesday, the 28th, you turned one.  On Thursday, the 29th, you decided to start walking!!!  And today, on April 3, you started standing up on your own (without holding onto anything) AND you have started saying words other than "Mama" and "Dada" and  "doggy" uhh-duh.  You said "diaper" and "all done" ahh-duh.  

You are off bottles completely during the day, but you LOVE your night-time bottle.  I'm okay keeping it for awhile.  I get guaranteed snuggles that way.  :-)  But the bottle is usually only 4-5oz before bed.  You drink organic cows milk or coconut milk out of a sippy during the day.

You have 8 teeth and love brushing them!  You also learned how to snap recently!  It is so funny.

You had a FANTASTIC birthday party this weekend!!  We are so blessed to have great friends who have kids who are and will be great friends to you!  They also have great taste in gifts. :-)  You LOVE everything you got.

It was also a lot of fun to be able to FaceTime with Aunt Krista in Jamaica, so she could be part of your birthday celebration!

We love you so so SO much!  You are changing every day, and it is so exciting to watch.  You have been such a blessing this past year!

Love you punkin pie!



  1. oh, linds. he is SO great. what a precious boy. i'm getting a little sentimental over here knowing my girl's first birthday is in just two months. it FLIES by. everyone said that it would, but i guess i didn't know just how right they were. thanks for letting us in on your journey with jude.

  2. Wow! look at him go! It's crazy how quickly it happens. And how as soon as they start walking it's like they go from infant to toddler! It's a whole new fun stage!

  3. Lindsy! The tears! Every. single. time! Hahaha.
    So exciting that he is walking. Has your life totally changed? Is he into more stuff now that he walks?

  4. I love that this has been the best year of your life. It gives me great hope for what lies ahead for me and my little family-in-the-making.