April 28, 2012

Dear Jude :: 13 months

Dear Jude,

In the past month you have totally made the transformation from a baby into a walking and talking toddler.  No baby in this home anymore (at least not for about 7 more weeks when your brother comes). :-)

There was a big transformation when you got your first haircut. :-)  I was nervous, because you didn't quite love your latest doctors appointment, but you did great!  And your hair?  I LOVE it.  I'm so glad you still have your sweet curls.

In the past month your communication has just exploded.  You understand much of what we say.  I am amazed at what you know.  You follow directions so well and you surprise me every day with how smart you are.  You also have a few words under your belt.  Mama, Dada (of course), Doggy (dug-guh), blankie (kuh-kuh), Ball, Diaper, All Done, More, Banana (bah bah), and more that I can't think of right now. :-)

Along with your wonderful understanding of the world has come more frustration when you want to communicate and you can't.  We've seen a few more temper tantrums, most likely due to you trying to tell us something we just aren't understanding.  OR us telling you "no" to something you really want!  You are easily distracted when this happens and clearly understand what is allowed and what isn't.  Sometimes you just don't feel like following the rules. :-)

You are still taking two naps and I'm not going to push this transition!  I love you taking two naps and you clearly still need it!  You have always been a great sleeper and I'm just praying your brother is as well.

You are still taking a bottle at night, but I've recently transitioned to a sippy before bed and you seem to take it okay.  Eventually we'll cut out the right-before-bed cup of milk, but I'm fine with it for now.  You HATE brushing your teeth.  HATE HATE HATE.  But we still do it every night.  And you still fight us.  But you have 8 pearly whites to keep clean.  I think that those 1 year molars are not far off, either.

You are growing like a weed and fully in 18 month clothes and even a few 24 month clothes that fit just a little too well for Mama's liking. :-)  You wear a size 5 shoe and since you are walking (and running) you are now wearing "big boy" shoes!  You also love shoes and socks and feet and are quick to point out where they go and people who don't have shoes or socks on. :-)

We took a nice little weekend getaway this month and you did great!  I was nervous about sleeping in the same room, thinking we would wake you up, but you slept wonderfully.  I think you liked waking up and seeing Mama right there, too. :-)

It is so much fun to spend every day with you.  You are so very sweet and quick to show affection and give kisses.  You have a clear love for your Mama and Dada and it is such a blessing to be your parents.

Love you bubba.  I'm so thankful for another month as your Mama.



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