May 1, 2012



It's me, Lindsy.  The person who writes this blog.  Remember me?  

So, I've fallen off the blogging wagon lately.  I'm cool with it if you are.  But really, there are a lot of things I have to catch up on.  For one, I have a 13 month old.  The difference between 12 and 13 months has been tremendous and SO MUCH FUN.  I hope to write my letter to Jude tonight.  

I've also missed two or three Friday Phone Dumps.  I'll be honest.  Not that into it.  I LOVE instagram and capturing little moments of my day with my iPhone {love!!}, but remembering to post them here?  Hassle.  So I put my instagram feed here on my blog on the side bar if you are dying to see my pics.  Feel free to follow me if you want.  But no more Friday Phone Dump.  Sorry.

It kind of goes back to why I write.  My blog mission statement, if you will.  There are many reasons I don't write.  I don't write for money (sorry - no giveaways or reviews here, unless it is something I passionately want to share), I don't write for traffic (hence the end of the Friday Phone Dump), and I don't write to show off, entertain, or act like I have it all together.  I write to be real.  And the real truth is, in the past few weeks, I just haven't felt the urge to say much.  So that's okay.

* * * * * 

 That being said, I have had some things on my heart today.  I've mentioned before how I have a Monday morning women's bible study that has been such a blessing to me.  I can't tell you how encouraging it is to start the week with a group of women who want to be real and raw with each other.  Who are in the same point in life - either pregnant or raising little ones.  And who love Jesus.  

We've been going through this study called Stuck, with the purpose of identifying the "stuck" areas of your life and becoming "unstuck".    

This week's study was on being overwhelmed.  I think anyone who has little ones at home can relate to that feeling.  I think anyone who is a human being can relate to that feeling!  

As I meditated on this topic the past few days, I've found that, for me, it really comes down to prioritizing and being intentional.  I know I've talked about that a lot.  Being intentional about how you are filling yourself, and your time.  I've grown a lot in this area in the past 6 months, but have so, so far to go.  

What I have found is if I am filling my time {and my mind} with kingdom things, I find more peace.  More shalom.  The more my mind is focused on worldly things, the more chaos I experience.  In my spirit and in my home.  It is so easy to dwell and obsess over worldly things.  To give in to laziness instead of being disciplined and intentional.  To make excuses.  

It's funny how I spend so much time worrying and obsessing over things that are out of my control, that overwhelm me, and only bring chaos to my life?  When will I learn?

And He just says, come. drink. I have life to offer you.

But that doesn't just happen in my life.  I don't naturally run to Jesus.  I naturally run to Google and research and obsess and read about what the world says about whatever it is that is nagging me.  

Hmmm.  Jesus or Google?

I don't really know where I am going with this, except to say that it is work for me to abide.  It is work to make sure I am filled with kingdom-focused things.  It is work to surrender my day to the Lord.  We are sinful beings, it doesn't come naturally.  

I'm just challenging myself to take on this work.  To do what I know is best, even when my mind is elsewhere.  To choose what is eternal over what is momentarily satisfying.  To be constant in prayer.  Not constant in googling.

Because I want shalom in my home.  Not chaos.  I pray that my home is a place where my husband finds peace and rest.  Where my kids experience unconditional love and affection.  Where I can serve my family with a joyful heart, instead of being overwhelmed with what the world tells me to be concerned about.

How's that for a Tuesday morning chat?

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  1. Another human here. Powerful thoughts...and funny just how close it is to what I was just journaling about this morning. Know that He WILL reward your persistence in seeking after Him with more of Himself. That's His promise...and it's amazing. And "the God of all grace..will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish" you! (I Pet.5:10) May we be more relentless, passionate, and desperate in our seeking of Him! Love you, sweetie!