May 9, 2012


We are under quarantine over here.  No germs in, no germs out.

My poor little sickie got it bad this time.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Basically a virus that makes you break out in blisters all over your hands, feet, and mouth.  Jude got lucky and also got it up to his knees, in his diaper area, and inside and outside of his mouth.  I haven't taken any pictures because he truly looks like a horribly diseased child.  

My poor punkin.  The only thing that makes it tolerable is Mama's cuddles (and regular doses of Ibuprofen).  And luckily, since he's extremely contagious and under quarantine (Mama and Dr's orders), we have plenty of time to snuggle up together.

I'm soaking up these days as a Mama of one - knowing I can give my boy my undivided attention.  These days are numbered (49 to go to be exact).  In many ways this transition is bittersweet.  When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately felt guilt.  Guilt that I would be somehow robbing Jude of his babyhood.  That I wouldn't give him the time he needs.  

But those are just lies.  I really do believe that.  So, while I am soaking up these days where I can focus fully on him and we can cuddle and watch Sesame Street and Barney (multiple times), I know that in 49 days he'll be getting one of the most amazing gifts of his life.  A brother.  That is bound to be one of the best relationships he'll have.  One that will last a lifetime.  

The thought is still so surreal to me.  I mean, I have experienced pregnancy before and it resulted in a baby.  For some reason it just hasn't sunk in that my heart will soon double in size and I'll have another son to care for.  But it's true - all these aches and pains are for very very good reason.

And if Jude loves his brother anywhere near as much as he loves his dog, we're in good hands. ;-)  Despite having the sickies, there's been plenty of this going on.

and this...

I'd never wish this disease on anyone, but I'm glad that he didn't get it 6-7 weeks from now when we'd surely have to keep him away from his little brother, and his Mama (who seems to have the only cure of snuggles).  I'm glad that he'll be well enough then to be present and active in our new family of four.

So, prayers for my little bubba!  That he'd heal quickly and that this disease wouldn't spread to the rest of the family. 

Thanks, friends. :-)


  1. John and I have been praying for Jude a lot. John will say "Ju-" and then "sick." We'll keep praying!

  2. aww, poor bud! i will say a prayer for him. and definitely a blessing in disguise that is is at this point in your pregnancy, not several weeks from now! :) :)