June 29, 2012

Without further ado....

Let's get to it.  Isaac Lee Griffis is here!!

He was born at 12:52pm on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.  He is a big boy, especially compared to his brother - weighing 8lbs 12oz (Jude weighed 7lbs 11oz) and 20.5" long!

Who knew you could love so much.

Adding to our family only makes me love each of my family members more.  I love Jordan as a father of two.  I love Jude as my son, and now also as a brother to Isaac.  It's just a big ole love fest in my heart right now.

And he is just the sweetest little boy.

But, doesn't he look a bit familiar??

I cannot get over how much he looks like Jude as a newborn.  I was preparing myself for a totally different looking child, but nope.  Apparently we're the type of couple whose kids will all look the same.  I'm preparing myself for the twins question down the road. :-)  Good thing they are darn cute. ;-)

Praise God for such amazing blessings.  Surgery went awesome.  Recovery has already been a million times better than it was with Jude.  And I have two perfectly healthy sons.  I'm eager to heal up to 100% so I can be a fully-functioning Mama to the two of them.  In the meantime, Isaac and I are still in the hospital until tomorrow and Jude is having a blast hanging out with Daddy and Mamaw and Papaw.

I'll be sure to write down the birth story soon!  I gotta say, I am thankful that this one doesn't include 80 hours of labor.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love as we welcome this sweet boy into our family.


  1. Congrats Lindsy! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Love love! And besides the birth story, you need to write out the name story, too.:-)

  3. I get the twin question all the time with Eli and Zeke! Its so funny to hear! Congrats on Issac! Enjoy all the new love :)

  4. Love the name Isaac! And he is just so precious!! I'm so glad recovery is already feeling better this time around. I'm praying for you.

  5. Oh my! With them so close together, with the younger one getting a good start on size, And with them looking so much alike, you need to go ahead and plan some clever answers to the inevitable question: "Are they twins?"

  6. Yay! He's here! How wonderful!! What a joyful time adjusting to a larger family!

  7. Congrats on your beautiful new baby boy! He looks so much like his big brother! Enjoy 2 under 2...it's a wild ride but so so so worth it!

  8. Congratulations! How precious :)