July 27, 2012

Dear Isaac :: 1 month old

My sweet Isaac,

I'm so enjoying this squishy sweet stage you are in.  You are such a pleasant baby.  You are already cracking smiles for Mama and Dada and just gaze lovingly into our eyes.  If I hold you tummy-to-tummy you are constantly lifting your head to look at my face.  You are already so alert and aware of the people around you.  It's so fun to experience each of these "firsts" with you. 

You are still sleeping in our room.  The difference this time, from your brother, is that I am changing and nursing you in bed.  I might keep you with me a bit longer. :-)  Your brother was kicked out at 5 weeks old, but I'm enjoying having you close.  You are sleeping 5 hour stretches and then usually 3-4 hours after that.  So, I typically get up with you about twice a night.  Although, right now your fussy time is from about 7:30 until 10:30-11pm.  We took you to a kinesiologist about a week or two ago and saw tremendous improvement immediately.  You're starting to act fussy/gassy/in-pain again, so I think another adjustment will help soon.

You basically never wore newborn clothes, as you were already 9lbs 11oz at your two week checkup.  I'm certain you are over 11lbs now.  Possibly 12.  Oye!  My big boy!  I also recently packed up your newborn diapers and you are now up a size in your prefolds.

You have a lot of happy awake times.  You love to just lay on your back and look around and take it all in.  Unfortunately, you have a young big brother who just rampages through the house without looking where he's going, so we have to be very careful where we just set you down.  You are often in the swing, or bouncy seat on the kitchen table.  Or, of course, Mama's arms. :-)

You are taking after your brother - loving your crib.  Already, you will be fussy and tired and prefer your crib to any other place in the house (even Mama's arms at times).  You love to be swaddled up and will take great naps in the crib.  You love taking bath, although your dry skin means you only get a bath twice a week right now.

Your big brother is already so good with you.  He leaves you alone for the most part, but is certain to make sure you always have your paci.  :-)

I'll admit, before you were born I was not loving the idea of going back to the newborn stage.  But let me tell you - I am loving this stage with you.  I'm soaking it up, because now I know how quickly it passes.

Love you my sweet second son.  

Love, Mama


  1. A month already! Sigh... He's a sweetie. Glad he's sleeping so well! Wow!

  2. Oh my gosh he's so beautiful!! Enjoy :)

  3. Wow . . . a month. I love his alert expressions!