September 27, 2012

Dear Isaac :: 3 months old

Yikes... so apparently it takes a lot more effort to get around to blogging when you have two kids.  Or maybe it is just that I am running low on blogging motivation.  Blogging is the kind of like running; the more you do it, the more you want to and the easier it becomes.  I'm on a trend of both non-running and non-blogging right now.  :-)  

On to better things...


My precious Isaac Lee,

You are just so much fun.  SO much fun.  You are living up to your name and have begun belly-laughing when you are tickled.  You are so interested in the world around you, and especially keep a watchful eye on your big brother.  Just taking it all in.  You sure are a trooper when your big brother walks by and snatches your paci out of your mouth, or shoves another one in.  You are just all smiles.  You are also already interested in television.  I'm pretty sure your big brother hadn't even seen a television turned on at this point in his life, but this is just another benefit of being a second child, I suppose.

You love sitting up supported by the boppy or in the bumbo and seem to be very strong already.  You have recently started to try to support your weight on your legs when we try to get you to stand.  You no longer really like to be sitting in your Rock 'n Play or bouncy seat, but would rather be walking around in Mama's arms to see what's going on or sitting up somehow.  I definitely feel like the newborn days are behind us, and you are officially an infant, becoming your own little person.

You are also a big boy.  At your three-month checkup you weighed exactly 15lbs.  Your big brother didn't weigh this much until he was close to 6 months!  But you are still a great eater, even though you are becoming increasingly distracted.  You have made it clear that you aren't a fan of the bottle, so it looks like we'll be nursing much longer than your big brother did.  You still eat about every 3 hours during the day.  You are also starting to wear 9 month sleepers!  You are just so long.

You eat every 3 hours still.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.  And your sleeping habits are about the same.  You often like to go to bed around 6:30 or even earlier sometimes.  You still get up once or twice a night to eat.

You continue to be just the sweetest boy.  I just love being your Mommy. :-)

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