October 27, 2012

Dear Isaac :: 4 months old

My boy whose name means laughter,

Laughter is exactly what you bring us.  We are delighted to hear the man belly laughs you bring to our family.  And somewhat surprised, as your brother didn't belly laugh until close to 8 months old (although he was all smiles).  Along with your laughter, we hear your high pitched squeals often.  Middle of the night included.  We can't help but to laugh before shhh and rocking you back to sleep.

You adore your brother and your doggy.  If they are within eyesight, you are just glued to them.  We often have to tell your brother to be gentle with you as he has been known to want to tackle you with hugs if you are anywhere near the floor.  So, you don't get as much tummy time as I would like, but you're still developing just fine.

You rolled over for the first time, front to back!  You haven't done it much since, but you often roll to your side while in your crib.  We stopped swaddling you cold turkey and haven't looked back since.  You now sleep from about 7pm until 3:30am to eat, and then again until 7am.  I can't complain about that schedule.  You still nurse about every 3 hours, but have stretched to 4 now and then.  You still don't take a bottle, but that is mostly due to me not trying.

Your naps are all over the map.  But I haven't been good at getting you on a schedule.  Right now you take between 2-4 naps a day.  Sometimes it is a short nap and a 3-hour nap.  Sometimes it is four 45min naps.  All over the place.  But you are (mostly) super happy and flexible, so it is nice to be able to take you along to our playdates and bible study and you sleep when you need it.  It hasn't affected your night sleep at all.

But you are definitely my snuggle boy that I prayed for.  Jude was a crib boy, and wouldn't sleep in my arms past 3 months.  But you definitely love snuggling up and falling asleep in my arms.  I'm not worried about you preferring that down the road.  You still sleep in your crib just fine, and this time I know how quickly these days will pass.

At your doctors appointment you weighed 15lbs 12oz and 26.5" tall!  Big boy!  You have been wearing 9 month clothes lately, still mixed in with the 6 month clothes.  But you do not fit into 6 month sleepers anymore.

I love you so much, my snuggle puppy.  I'm so glad God knew we needed you in our family!


Your Mama

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