October 30, 2012

Grace in all things.

I like these kinds of days.

Where I'm at, there is a chill in the air and it is grey and rainy and gloomy.  Talk to me in a few months after I haven't seen the sun, and I won't feel the same.  But today it feels right to snuggle up with my babies and a cup of tea and stay in our jammies all day.  And maybe watch "Bob the Builder" a time or two (because that's all the rage right now).  

But I know there are many today who are suffering.  This hurricane Sandy has really devastated our country.  I'm glad my family is safe in Michigan, but I have friends in New York who have had to completely leave the state... their homes.  

It wasn't long ago when Sandy was hovering over my sister's home in Jamaica.  Too close for comfort. But God spared them damage and they weren't out of power more than a few hours.  Amazing.  Praise Him.

But, I just have to echo what my sister said about this hurricane experience.  Really made me think.

Yes, praise God for those he has spared.  But praise him for his sovereignty and grace in all things.  


P.S. read more about Jamaica and my sister's (and bro-in-law's) ministry there at www.bkbeukema.org


This was my first post in the category "five just write" where I just write, un-edited, for five minutes, and post.  Because sometimes that's all I've got.

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