November 30, 2012

an appointment for sabbath

I sit staring at the blinking curser and too many words swirl in my head so that none can make it on paper.  I feel the pressure to write.  The pressure from myself.  From my commitment to do so.  From my desire to grow this area of my life.  But, at this moment, the words seem to be best suited for my journal.

I've been go-go-go all week, without much rest.  The weary heart nudges me that right now, I need to be filled before I try to pour out again.

Going to the kitchen for a drink of water, I glance at the Ann Voskamp printable I have hanging on my fridge.

Just slow.

I've spent much of this week in hurry.  Some days going many places and others at home, doing nothing, yet still living as if each thing were an emergency.

I'm feeling convicted to take my own advice, and be still.  Slow.  Wait.  Quiet myself before Him.  Just listen.

God is teaching me this lesson.  But I'm not being a very good student.

Jordan texts me to tell me that he does indeed have Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off work!  This is amazing considering he didn't have a single day off last year when Christmas fell on Sunday.

I text him back and tell him to take the three days between the two holidays off as well.

This whole family needs sabbath.

It is something that does not just happen on it's own.  Our rest needs to be scheduled into our plugged-in, on-the-go lives.  So, now.  Tonight.  This weekend.  This season.  Sabbath must be an intentional goal here.  Rest in our spirits.  Quality in our time spent together.  Slowing down and just being here.  God does not hide that this is important.  

I, for one, plan to read my latest book.  Sleep when boys sleep.  Listen to Christmas music.  Get on the floor and make lego trucks.  Stay in my pajamas for too long.  Eat pancakes in the morning (gluten-free, of course).  And dig into the word.  Be filled.

I pray that you have a weekend of rest and rejuvenation.  That you'd find peace in your spirit even if you are on the move.  That you'd slow and find joy.

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