November 2, 2012

Firm in truth.

Hi friends.  Let's have a little chat.  A little heart to heart.  Because there is something that I feel burdened with this morning.  Sorry if I get a little preachy.  

There are so many things swirling in my head and on my heart this morning.  After hearing some sad news last night, my heart is tender.

Without going into detail, know this.  There is an absolute truth.  It is called the bread of life.  The word of God.  The sword of the spirit.  Get in this, friends.  Use it.  Put on your armor and be clothed in righteousness, truth, salvation, and let the gospel be on the tip of your tongues.  And the word.  The sword.  This is our defense.  Knowing and being in this will slay the evil one!  

This is real, friends.  I may step on some toes when I say that this post-modern whatever is right for them is their own truth is for the birds.  It's the foolish man who built his house on the sand.  It gives you nothing to stand on.

We read truth, and chew on it, and swallow it hard, and pray that it overflows into our lives.  Even the difficult conversations.  That we would be gentle and firm in truth.  

That is my prayer today.  For my friends.  For my kids.  For my marriage.  For my brothers and sisters in Christ that I don't even know.  That we would be rooted and secured in truth.  That we would be ready with the gospel.  That we would be bold.  That we would speak that truth in love. 

That we would point to Christ with our lives and our words.

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