November 21, 2012


I don't know Jami Nato, but I like her already.

From what I hear, she will make you cry. Either from laughing so hard or from her raw testimony (which I have yet to hear). But she's also an awesome blogger and has hilarious ideas. Like this one. 


A challenge to find the gospel in pop music. Growing up in a musical family, this is right up my ally. So I had to participate.

Here's my contribution.

I know.  Old School.  But that was one of those songs that was played all. the. time. when I was in middle school/high school so it is permanently burned in my head.  It popped into my head for no good reason at 3am when I was up with Isaac and I thought, hey, there's a lot in the bible about rivers and lakes and water.  So it was a #letsgetpraisy must-have.  

Seriously, though, these are hilarious.  If you are on Instagram or Twitter, just check out the #letsgetpraisy hashtag and have a laugh.

But on a serious note, I love that Jami has the WORD-view of the world.  Looking for Jesus in all things.  I just love it and love this idea to do with my kids someday.  

And if you decide to check out Jami's blog, this little challenge is also a giveaway, so if you feel so inclined to vote (for mine) go ahead!

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