November 29, 2012

the search for the perfect Christmas card

'Tis the season.  For snowflakes (we saw our first this past weekend!).  For peppermint mocha.  For bundling up.  For christmas cards.

I love cards and letters and sweet hand-written notes.  Something about a hand-written card is so much more thoughtful than an email or facebook message.  If you want to light up my day, go back to the olden days and send me some snail mail updating me on your life.  I'd love it.

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of most of the Christmas cards you find in the stores.  They're all glitz and glam and not my style.  I like simple.  Modern.  Thoughtful.  Yet, creative.

Enter Red Letter Paper Company.  

I was super exited when I learned of Red Letter Paper Company and their modern, Christ-filled Christmas cards.  I really do love these cards.  The design is edgy and clever and perfect for so many people.  Plus you will find a lot of Jesus.  Win. Win. Win.  Take a look for yourself.

I just love the twitter references.  So clever!

The designer/founder is Stephanie and I love her creativity and her passion for her work.  She is the real deal.  And this girl's heart is in the right place.  Ten percent of the Christmas card sales goes to World Orphans as a donations.  There is so much I love about this.  

So, check them out.  I do think you could find a perfect card for any situation.  She sells way more than Christmas cards also.  So once this season is over, I know I'll be coming back.

This was a sponsored post but my words and opinions are my own.  And if you are a friend of mine, keep a look-out in your mailbox for one of these cards to possibly make it's way to you. ;-)

To learn more about Red Letter Paper Company find her blog, Facebook page, or twitter page.

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