November 11, 2012

Un-planned Sunday

First of all, I know things look different around here.  Don't be surprised if you notice some changes on the blog (like umm... new domain name or blog title?).  It might be a little weird for a week or so, but I plan to highlight my vision and what changes are happening later this week.  So, stay tuned and thanks for all of your support and encouragement!!


I was finally prepared for once.

Getting out of the house with two kids at the break of dawn is no easy task you know. But I was ready.  I had gotten up at 6am so that I could shower and be fully ready for church before the boys woke up at 7am.

Boys were dressed, fed, changed, happy, and ready to go when grabbed for my keys heading out the door.

My keys.

I remembered going on our family outing to the grocery store the night before (isn't that how you spend your Saturday nights?).  I remembered leaving the diaper bag, with my keys, in the car to make my arms free for other things.  And then I remembered my husband, as always, locking the car.

I never lock the car.

Shame on me.

I ran outside to look out the window and sure enough, my diaper bag, keys and all, were locked inside the car.

On another Sunday this wouldn't have been a big deal, except my hubby was playing guitar in church, so he was already there.  There would be no church for us.

I was instantly crabby.  And instantly wanted to blame someone.  Grr.  Jordan if only you hadn't locked the car like I never do!  It's all your fault for being so responsible!


I realized how ridiculous that sounded.  But I was frustrated.  We were all dressed cute, and now I had another long morning by myself with the boys.  I love my boys, don't get me wrong, but I value my me-time as well.  After a long night, I was also running low on energy.

But that's no excuse for my horrible attitude.

I had to make a mental shift as I remembered what I so often preach.  Lord, guide my steps today.  Let us spend our time as you would see fit.  Today, it wasn't going to be church.

I saw the sun streaming through the windows.  A beautiful 60-some degree day.  And my sweet boys, looking adorable in their church-ready outfits.

Isaac went down for his morning nap that he would have otherwise missed, and I got down on the floor with my big boy.  Dishes would wait.  They would have anyway.  But the new trucks we got him yesterday needed some breaking in, obviously.  And lego towers needed to be built.

And then once the littlest one woke, we took advantage of the sunshine.  My double stroller was also locked in the car, so I strapped Isaac to me and threw Jude in our single stroller.  I needed some exercise anyway.

It's easy to surrender your day to the Lord when things go as planned.  I'm embarrassed how quickly my attitude went south this morning as I realized my plans weren't going to pan out.

But I think that our time spent was still pleasing to Him.

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