December 31, 2012

2012 in a word

In a year where I have received and been blessed with so much, there is only one word that stands out in my mind to describe the past twelve months.


I've seen bits of the fruit that comes when you count back your blessings to the Giver, and that is what I intend to do here tonight.  

january. My hubby turns 30.  I also joined a Monday morning bible study that would rock my world more than I ever realized.  Some of my favorite people on the planet gather in this little group.

february.  We learn that the babe in the belly was another boy, and we could't have been more thrilled.  

march.  My sweet Jude Michael turns ONE year old.  And we sure celebrated his year of life.  Always so thankful for him.

april.  I work through a lot of my anxieties about having two kiddos so close together.  I can say that 6 months in now, God spaced them perfectly for me.

may. We overcame a nasty bout of hand, foot, mouth disease and a Mama with an ear and sinus infection.  We gave thanks that it wasn't a month later.

june.  My world was rocked with another sweet boy.  We welcomed Isaac Lee into the family and life was never the same again.

july.  I was thick in the baby fog.  And swimming in love for my boys.  Not much happened this month, except for loads of newborn cuddles.

august. In a summer with over 100 degree days, I still work out being a Mama of two under two (and loving it) and learning that it takes loads of grace.  Thankful that there is an abundance of that.

september. Isaac turns 3 months and Jude 18 months and the fog is starting to lift.  I learn a bit about finding my worth and value in Christ and not in any job description (or lack thereof).

october. My sister visits from Jamaica and meets Isaac for the first time!  Such a blessing to spend time with her!  Also, I turn 28.  And I feel little tugs at my heart to write more in this little space.  Just to see what God might have in mind to do with my words.

november. I start to write like it's my job.  The blog changes to Space for Joy and I decide to take this little piece of the internet a bit more seriously. 

december. I'm beginning to find some community in the interwebs and do a few guest posts.  Writing 3-5 times a week sometimes flows freely and other times is not so easy.  In any case, it is good for me, and I do my best to be faithful and write.  Also, Isaac is now 6 months and Jude is 21 months.  The boys are changing daily and being a Mama is my most favorite job ever.

I have much to be thankful for.  

Gratitude is the overarching theme here.  In a few more words...
& writing.

Those are ways that I grew.  That I put much effort into, and that I saw fruit in.  I think this same theme will continue in 2013.

Happy New Year, friends.  I hope your 2012 ends as well as mine did.

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