December 14, 2012

come Lord Jesus come

These are my people.  My sweet littles are home.  Safe.  Tucked in bed.  And I'm holding them close tonight.

I have no words to express the ache I feel for those whose arms are empty tonight.  It's a tragedy in the worst way, and my Mama heart just burns with anger and fury over the evil in this world.

I want to cry, but I also want to scream.

This fallen world.  There IS more.

There IS a kingdom.

And one day it WILL reign in it's fullness on a new, sinless earth.

That day is not today.  Today, there is still sin.  Today, there is still pain.  Tears.  The deepest ache.

Until then, we pray.  Your kingdom come.  We seek his His truth to reign in our lives.  Your will be done.  And we become the hands and feet.  On earth as it is in heaven. 

Come, Lord Jesus, come.  

*written in response to the elementary school shootings in Newtown, CT this morning.  Heavy hearts pray peace over those who lost.

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