December 18, 2012

La-ya Mama

I can't be sure, but if it is so, my heart may have just skipped a beat.

I sit with the sick little one in my lap, because snuggles are truly the best remedy for those sick eyes.  The big one is complying by watching yet another episode of "Bob the Builder".  For sanity's sake.  It is one of the few children's shows that doesn't get under my skin after the billionth time.  And listening to Jude try to sing the theme song is just precious.

So we sit.  We snuggle.  Getting through the day.

He gets up from his chair and comes over to me.  He lays his head in my lap and gives me a squeeze.

"La-ya Mama"

Is that what I think it is?

He's learned the names of all the transportation vehicles (car, truck, bike, tractor, train, choo-choo!).  He knows all the animals and he tells me each meal if his food is cold or hot.

But this.

"La-ya Mama."

My Mama heart soars.

"I love you too, punkin boy."

And just like that he walks back to that chair and plops his booty down like he hasn't just rocked my world with the words I heard for the first time.

A gift in the truest form.

"I love you too, punkin boy"

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