December 21, 2012

photos instead of words

It has been one. of. those. weeks.

Not complaining.  I'm just being real.  

Isaac's cold turned RSV turned bronchiolitis had me a bit freaked out, I'll be honest.  I had a difficult time sleeping after hearing his cough and wheezing.  My heart was anxious at times, nervous that we would end up in the hospital because my punkin is still so little.  But I am so thankful a for caring doctor who got us what we needed right away.  Thanks to "Nebby the nebulizer" we are on the up-swing.

And thanks to loads of friends praying health for my family.  Seriously, thank you.  

That said, my brain is mush.  I've got nothing left come 7:30pm and the boys are in bed.  And I'm feeling a need to retreat and fill my mind and my heart with some goodness before I speak again.  So today we're going to do a simple phone dump.  Photos instead of words.

Not that it's much to look at, but if your week has been like ours, anyone else's four walls will do just fine.  

Enjoy, friends.  And have a super BLESSED Christmas weekend! 

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