December 24, 2012

that remarkable girl

I think of her often this time of year.  

About that young girl with the great call.

The one who said, "I am a servant of the Lord, let be to me according to your word."

The one who didn't hesitate.

And who rode on a donkey full-term in her pregnancy in obedience.

And I wonder.

Would I be so obedient?

Or would I be Moses?  Would I hesitate?  Begging the Lord to ask anyone.  Anyone but me.

Maybe more importantly, am I being obedient in my call today?  The one that is before me at this moment.

In my marriage.

In my mothering.

In my friendships.

In my walk.  My coming.  My going.  My doing life.

As I anticipate the great celebration of the arrival of Christ this advent season, I pray for a faith and obedience like the one whose human body carried Him.

What a remarkable woman Mary must have been.  

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