December 17, 2012

the gift in the everyday

My weekend was filled with kleenex.  Sneezes.  Coughs upon coughs.  101.3 fevers.   A dose or two of Tylenol.   One boy who slept really well and another who did not.  Red, watery, sick eyes.  And lots and lots and lots and lots of extra snuggles.

I hate having sick babies, but there is a sweetness in being forced home in your pajamas with nothing on the agenda but being held close.

And at the same time, I could not shake the happenings on Friday.  Twenty babies who are now with Jesus.  But twenty Mamas who ache for their arms to hold them close even one last time.

I don't mean to sound morbid, but after reading One Thousand Gifts, everything kind of changes.  My lens now views life in terms of gifts.  Because in all reality, I know I don't deserve anything.  I don't have a right to anything.  I am not even guaranteed another breath.

And as I care for my sicklings this weekend, in light of the tragedy, I am thanking Him for the gift of being able to care for my little ones who are sick.

And I hope that I continue to have this perspective.  Weeks from now.  Months from now.  Years from now.  When I'm tempted by entitlement or my own rightness or ingratitude.  I pray that I'll instead turn to gratitude and realize that life is a gift and every piece of it.

Praying you are able to find the gift in the everyday.

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