January 28, 2012

Dear Jude :: 10 months

My sweet crazy boy,

You clearly are a busy boy!

You are no longer in the single-digits, but such a big boy at 10 months old!  And what a monumental month it has been.

Let's start with the obvious.

You are sitting up, pulling up, standing up by everything.  And badly badly want to walk.  You sometimes forget that you can't (without support) and will just let go and take a tumble.  I think the days are numbered before you actually do take those first steps.  Life is different now with such a mobile baby!  We've had to up the baby-proofing to keep you safe.  You are actually a pretty obedient baby so far (knock on wood).  You understand "no" and will often listen without a fuss.  Sometimes you get really sad when Mama has to get stern with you, but overall, you listen great.

You are still taking two naps a day, but have started to show signs that you might be ready for one nap before long.  Your naps are usually at 10am and 2/2:30pm.  You go to bed around 7-7:30pm and wake up at 8am most days.  You get three 6-8 oz bottles a day!  One at 8am when you first wake up, one around 2pm, and one around 7pm before bed.  You are no longer eating any purees, but basically eat what we eat.  I pretty much just have to share my lunch with you every day. :-)  I don't mind.

You still love playing with Daddy ("ah-da!") and Macy (Doggy, aka "dugg-uh").  Lately you've enjoyed chasing Macy around the house... which basically looks like you squealing with joy while Macy runs in circles around you.  You love your Touch and Feel books and legos you got for Christmas.  Oh, and let's not forget Praise Baby.

The world stops for Praise Baby.  This continues to be the only TV show that grabs your attention.  It has been a life-saver for me, as I just plop you in your jumperoo and put it on for 10-15 minutes so I can grab a shower.  And it is the only time you will sit in my lap and snuggle.  I usually put it on for 10-15 minutes to wind down before naptime and get a few extra snuggles from my boy.

I'm not sure how big you are.  I'm guessing at least 21lbs and close to 30" if not more.  You don't have another doctors appointment until 1 year (what?!?!), so it'll be awhile before we get fully accurate measurements.

You are finally getting over a cold that was hanging around for the past month.  Luckily, it seemed to be just a cough, but it has prevented us from going to church for the past 3 weeks!  I'm eager to get you back to church and used to the nursery, since we have only had one successful Sunday in the nursery so far!

You clap when you are excited, or when you copy Mama and Daddy clapping.  You have started signing "More" and "All Done", although only on your own terms. :-)  You will point to things when asked.  Light, cup, doggy, kitty-cat, Mama, Daddy, etc.

It is just crazy to me that you are basically a toddler.  This huge transformation from baby to little boy is happening right before my eyes.  We love you oh, so much, little boy!  Happy 10 months.



January 27, 2012


Tomorrow, two of my favorite boys grow up a day.

The bigger one will leave his beloved twenties behind and take on the responsibility of a thirty-year-old! 

I tease him about it, of course, because I have to, being that I am 3 years younger.  But I have a feeling that our thirties are going to be some of the best years yet.  Raising our family.  Our kids starting school.  Hopefully adding more kids to the mix somehow.  Maybe moving.  Maybe a new career direction for Jordan.  Who knows.  I'm excited for this new era in my hubby's life.

And I'm SO happy that it is him that I am doing life with.  He's such a servant.  His actions convict me to be more giving.  He's an amazing father.  Regardless of the kind of day he's had at work, he pushes it all aside and gets down on the floor with Jude to spend every moment he can with him.  Family comes first with this man.  

He's passionate.  About our marriage.  His family.  Music.  Politics.  History.  Truth.  Christ.  Discipleship.  The Church.  Reading the word every day.  Get him started on any of these topics and you'll know what I mean.

He's quirky.  Spontaneous dances in the kitchen are not unheard of.  Crazy nick-names for everyone in the house (I'm surprised anyone knows their real name).  The goofy voices he uses when reading to Jude.  

He knows who he is.  In Christ.  As a man.  And that is super attractive.

Then there is this little guy, who will be 10 months old tomorrow (although these beautiful pictures were taken when he was 7 months old).  I'm savoring his last day as a single-digit baby.  But we'll have more updates on how crazy much he's grown in the past month tomorrow.  Just looking at this picture it blows my mind how much a baby can grow in a few months.

All of that to say, I love my little (growing) family.  I'm so excited for what this next season holds for us!

Happy last-day-of-being-29, my love!


January 26, 2012


I'm being challenged today to find solitude in Christ.  Less stuff.  Less distraction.  More HIM.  Less facebook.  Less TV.  Less entertainment.  More listening.  More JESUS.

Why does that seem so difficult?

What are you challenged by today?

January 24, 2012

Sharing the love on Mondays.

Mondays weren't always my favorite.  After spending a weekend relaxing and enjoying friends, the alarm clock was often a rude awakening to the work day ahead.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have a job I looked forward to going to.  And then once the little man arrived, those days of sleeping in were long gone.  I still don't look forward to Mondays in the sense that my hubby goes off to bring home the bacon and Jude and I look forward to 5pm (or 6 or 7 some days) when we get to see him again.  

But lately, I love Mondays.  The last two especially.

I have joined a women's bible study, and in just two weeks I can tell this was just the relational and spiritual boost I was craving.  It is SO uplifting to spend Monday morning with other Christ-following ladies, who have crazy kids running around, preggo bellies galore, and marriages that need some extra attention (just like mine).  

Since being home, I have missed community.  I love being home with Jude, but I miss being filled each and every day by people.  This, I know, will be the perfect way to start my week.

So, yesterday, we got talking about the topic of being filled, and pouring into our children  (okay, so maybe I was talking about it... being that it is heavy on my heart for 2012).  I talked about how I realized it was important for me to be filled with things that are holy, worthy, good... so that I could have a Godly perspective as I spend my days with Jude.

I mentioned how we listen to Beth Moore podcasts during lunch, and how blogs have been a tremendous encouragement to me as a stay at home mom.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing life with other women.  Women who love to write (like I do), are just such an encouragement to me as they share their daily struggles and triumphs.

So, they asked that I send them a list of the blogs that I love to follow.  And I thought, why not share with all of you?  So here you have it.  These women (or men) have no idea how they have encouraged me to be a better woman, wife, mother, person.  

Written by Ann Voskamp, the author of One Thousand Gifts.  This book is on my MUST READ ASAP list!

John Piper's blog.  Lots to learn from this man.  He recently did a post about abortion that I really liked.  Some of my favorites, though, are from guest authors like this one.

Awesome encouragement to get into God's word.  Along with tools to make your study times more effective.  Just overall encouraging!

A sister site of Do Not Depart, this site offers encouragement for women in their walks with the Lord.

This blog focuses on adoption, a growing passion of mine.  Lots of powerful testimonies and encouragement!

Sally Clarkson's blog... author of The Mission of Motherhood.  I've been encouraged and convicted time and time again by this woman in my journey of motherhood.

A faith blog written by many wise women.  Just love it!

Beth Moore's ministry blog.  Need I say more? :-)

This blog has been tremendously influential in my life to encourage me to spend my time wisely, and gives me tools to do so!  She has a HelloMornings challenge every few months.  I joined once shortly after Jude was born and failed miserably.  I hope to join again soon!

This isn't a blog, but a collection of Christian podcasts that you can listen to for free!  Jude and I will often listen to Beth Moore, Ravi Zacharias or Family Life while we eat lunch!

Now, I don't check each of these every day.  I use Google Reader to subscribe to all of my blogs, and I have these in the category of "Faith".  I'll skim through every couple of days and read the ones that catch my interest.  These are definitely favorites of mine though!

What blogs do you find encouraging?  I'd love to hear your suggestions as well!

January 15, 2012

Baby #2 :: 16 weeks

Is it really time to do this again?  I mean, is it possible that time is actually moving faster?  Man, it sure feels like it.

Then, I see a picture of my belly and realize, yep... it's growing... this is really happening.

Okay, so I am actually literally quite shocked at how big my belly looks in this picture.  Holy moly.  Granted, I did just get back from a delicious fondue dinner with the gals at house church.  But still.  Wowzers.  I was almost too embarrassed to post this, but here we are. ;-)

Today's date: January 15, 2011

How far along: 16 weeks + 1 day

Total weight gain:  None!!!  But look at that belly!  I must be losing from somewhere else in order for this to make sense.

Size and growth of the baby: Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he's about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces.

Gender: Ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 13!!!

Maternity clothes: Just today I retired my skinny jeans and brought out my maternity "skinny jeans".  The comfort is worth it.

Sleep: Actually the past few nights have not been all that bad.  I'm finding more pillows = necessary.

Best moment(s) of the week: LOVED dinner with the house church gals tonight.  Otherwise, I can't for the life of me think of what happened to this week.

Movement: I feel little sporadic bumps and nudges here and there, but nothing consistent yet.  Although, I DO know I have an anterior placenta, so that will make it a lot different from Jude, who was a crazy man in utero.

Food cravings/aversions: Salty... potato chips, pretzels, popcorn... mmmm.

Morning sickness: I think it is safe to say it is gone.

Symptoms: Exhaustion, a bit of cramping, bloating, headaches (although they are diminishing).

Labor signs: Way too soon.

Belly button in or out: In.

What I miss: Still my energy.  Where did it go??  And when do I get it back??

What I'm looking forward to: I start a new bible study tomorrow that I am very excited about.  Then Friday I have another Dr. appointment.  The following Monday our house is getting appraised (for refinance... lots of prayers that it goes well please!!!), which could save us loads of money.  Then on the 28th my hubby turns 30!!!!!  Yikes! ;-)

See how things were going when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Jude. (and please don't tell me how much huger I am this time... I know.)

January 11, 2012

My heart.

I sit here with tears streaming down my face.  Heart-broken, in a way, and hopeful and grateful in another.

There is something I haven't shared on here before, and that is the growing passion that God has been stirring in my heart for the past year or two for the orphan.  For the thousands and thousands of children who do not know the love of a mother and father.  Oh, it breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart.

Two days before I found out I was pregnant with #2 I had a serious heart-to-heart with Jordan and told him that after much prayer, I felt that we needed to seriously seek God about adoption in our future.  That it was clear to me that God's heart is for the orphan and that he was asking us to open our hearts and home to more children than he would give us biologically.  I have no idea what this looks like.  I have no idea if this means one more child or four.  I have no idea what this means of us financially.  Or how this is going to change our life.

I just know that if you feel the Spirit leading you in something, you don't ignore it.

I came across this blog shared by another friend, and it has been a tremendous encouragement to me as I start to consider this journey.  She posted this video today... which is the reason for the tears.  Just having a boy of my own, I can't imagine not loving many more boys.  I trust that God will open the doors and lead me to my children... boy or girl.  I know this journey is YEARS off (in many cases, to adopt they request that your youngest be at minimum of 2 years old, I've discovered).  And LOTS AND LOTS and even MORE prayer is required.  But, I just want to encourage you... if you also feel this tugging on your heart, don't ignore it.  Don't think of all the reasons not to.  They will always be there.  But God doesn't call you to something he doesn't intend to provide for.

Anyway... here is the video that caused the tears.

And my own boy is awake from his nap... so Mama duty is on. :-)

January 7, 2012

In awe.

Do you ever have those moments where God's miracles leave you speechless as if you had never heard the story before?  Like a child learning something amazing for the first time.  I was reading Romans yesterday and came across this old gem.

I've read this a million times.  But as I was reading it yesterday, those words just struck a new cord with me.  I was working on my scrapbook {Project Life... which I still need to blog about... love it} and looking at pictures of Jude's birth and was just in awe.  Pregnancy and birth is amazing.  AMAZING!  You can't deny it.  Because of God's eternal power and divine nature Jordan and I were able to take part in creating another life.  And lively he is!  And it is true... once you clearly see God's power, you have no excuse.  There is no denying God. 

Just had to get that out.  I know it isn't profound.  But, sometimes God makes old things new again to show his power and goodness, and I'm glad I got to experience that awe again yesterday. :-)

* * * * * * * *

On another note, 2012 has been nothing short of eventful.  I spent the New Year and the following days taking care of a hubby who was virus-ridden... tied to the toilet for one reason or another.  And a poor boy who didn't understand why Daddy wasn't playing with him or holding or kissing him.  Poor buddy.  But, thankfully, Jordan and I sanitized like crazy and Jude and I avoided the flu bug.  

But can I just say, is this January or is it April??  It was so nice yesterday, Jude and I couldn't stand to stay inside.  So we didn't.

As much as I get frustrated in our small house, I would not trade it's location for anything.  We are less than a block away from an amazing trail and within easy walking distance of two parks.  I have a feeling we'll be going there quite often next summer.  

So, 2012 has been pretty good to us so far {minus flu-virus}.  Some things I'm looking forward to.

  • Studying Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity book with my sweet sister in a few weeks after she settles in Jamaica.  It will be so great to have this as another reason to connect and grow closer.  Physical distance is nothing, these days. :-)
  • Reading Radical with Jordan starting... as soon as I load it on my Kindle.  I am so excited about this book.  I have a lot of things stirring in my heart, and I feel like this book is just going to fuel the fire.
  • Starting a Bible Study with an awesome group of ladies next week.  Once a week to connect with other young moms to be encouraged in our walk with Christ?  Yes, please!
  • Another doctors appointment in a couple weeks and an exciting ultrasound on Feb 13.  
  • Many wonderful friends who are welcoming new babies into the world in the next 6 weeks, then even more in about 4 months... and then guess who's next? :-)