January 8, 2013

approaching as a student

I feel like every other post I write begins with me talking about my sick kids.  Yet, here we are.

We missed church once again this week due to Jude waking up with a red, gunky, swollen eye.  There was no questioning that the very-contagious-and-gross-looking pink eye had gotten him and we promptly took him to urgent care to get treated.

I then proceeded to go to the grocery store to purchase loads of hand sanitizer and Lysol to hopefully prevent anyone else (especially the littlest one) from succumbing to the pink, gooey, eye.

So, I had church at home.  I spent the morning in Genesis reading about the trials Jacob and Laban.  Only a week in, but I am really enjoying this Bible in six months plan.

I think I have a different perspective this time that is making all the difference.

That, and an amazing accountability partner (hey hubby).

This time, I'm reading through the Bible quickly, without much time to chew on the details.  This isn't honestly my favorite way to read, which is why I feel it is necessary (because there is much I haven't read in a very long time).  Also, this is why I chose to make the commitment short and breeze through it in 6 months.  I'd love to get back to the slow reading sooner than later.  But, I have so often read the Bible with a consumer mentality.  What can I get out of this?  How does this apply to me?  What is God trying to tell me through this?

Which is good.


In this quicker-than-I'd-like pace, I'm seeking to approach scripture with the purpose of knowing God and increasing my knowledge in a way I haven't before.  Who is he across all time?  What is the big picture and how does it point toward Christ?  What does this reveal about God's character?

The words aren't different, but for me it's a mental shift.  And a bit of a heart-shift as I ask God to reveal HIM to me more than before.  I'm approaching more as a student.  Less of someone looking for some inspiration.  I do think that both have their seasons.

Because, here's the thing.  I really do think that it all starts with knowing God in a big way.  I have spent so much time getting to know Jesus in the New Testament without understanding in full how the stories of the Old Testament pointed toward Him all along.  I was missing out on a ton of power and truth by approaching it in that way.

I'm excited to know more about that power.  That power that now lives in me.  That power that I pray will become the overflow of my life.

I'm excited, friends!  What season of studying are you in right now?  

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