January 16, 2013

everyday acts of worship

It was 7:45pm.  Past bedtime.  And Daddy was gone for the night.  Those pre-bedtime hours seem much longer when he's gone.  

I looked around the house that the tiny toddler tornado had made his mark on.  Toys, unorganized, everywhere.  I was tempted to leave them.  Put the boy to bed.  Zone out on the couch and leave it all for morning.

But, instead, I invited Jude to clean it up with me.  Piece by piece, we put it all away.  I'm always shocked at the organization skills my not-even-two-year-old has.  Each toy in it's proper place.  He fills a bucket with cars and then takes it to his room to be put away, without me asking.

This is his daddy's attention to detail, most definitely.

Once all was put away, Jude looked at me with excitement, shouting, "More!  More!".

But I had no more toys to put away!

And in a new way it hit me how this sweet boy found joy in something I find so mundane.  Something simple, that I dread, he enjoys.

I want to be more like that.  Joy in the mundane.

Joy that comes from gratitude, I'm certain.  Being thankful for the toys on the floor and the dishes that were eaten upon by my favorite people.

And then the other day.  I had posted about needing grace in this season of sickness.  And my sweet friend, Colleen, posted something that totally rocked my perspective on the day.

It is so much a ministry of the high kingdom....cherishing the least, and doing the menial in complete exhaustion. It is what we mommas are honored in, our act of worship!

She is such an encourager.  A real blessing to me.

But, what if, in my heart of hearts, I acted in faith that each of these menial tasks are the work of the kingdom?  I often don't.  Personally, those menial tasks often end up at the bottom of my list and get pushed to the next day.

The laundry?

The floor washing?

The cleaning out of closets?

But, what if, I did these things as an act of worship?  What if I were able to give praise through these things?  What if I could really truly express gratitude in these mundane tasks?

I might be able to find the joy like a child.

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