January 18, 2013

five minute friday :: cherished

Right now in my Monday morning Bible Study, we are doing another study by Jennie Allen.  We did Stuck about a year ago, and now we are doing Chase.

I love these ladies, but my plate has been full this season.  Full of good things, but not always necessarily the needed things.  I am always thrilled to meet with these ladies for fellowship and accountability, but in all complete honesty, I was viewing this study as just another thing to check off my to do list.  

I wasn't expecting it to speak directly to my heart, right from the get-go.  I wasn't expecting it to be just what I need in this season.

It's all about David.  And him being a man after God's heart.  Such a fallen man with adultery and murder on his resume.  But a man who loved God.  A man who was in love with Him.  Tunnel vision focused on Him.  Who embraced where he was and who he was and praised always and confessed always.  

I've only done the intro and the first week, but right away it asks me to examine where I find my identity.

My kids.

My friends.

My church.

My gifts and abilities.

My writing and my blog, even?

What am I chasing?  Why?  Do I use these things to define who I am? 

If I am feeling empty, insecure, and unfulfilled, chances are that I am.  Because these things never fill.  

A lesson I am learning over and over and over and over.  Even my good works don't fill.  

This is where I want to sit today.  Rest in this truth.  My ultimate identity is as a cherished daughter of the King


Today I am linking up with The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday.  One word.  Five minutes.  No editing, backtracking, or thinking too hard.

Five Minute Friday

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