January 13, 2013

for now, just more grace.

Throwing my head back, I close my eyes.  Another day on the books.  My role as mommy has been switched to the on-call status.  Just waiting for the little voice.

Mama?  Mama!

The night is not silent.



And a blazing hot little body when I go to check on him.

It's been another weekend of hacking, nose wiping, and fevers.  Just when he is over pink eye, this flu bug attacks his poor sweet body.  The heavy, red, sick eyes say it all.

I'm frustrated.  More than frustrated, I'm just ticked.  But I know I'm not the only one.  Far from it.  Friends upon friends have it and their kids and babies have it.  And we're all just wrung out and exhausted.  We're on our knees asking God to intervene and rid our bodies of these viruses!

But today, I just need some grace.

Grace to have days full of movies and no formal meals.

Grace for my messy house and my unwashed dishes.

Grace for my children who spend over 24 hours in the same jammies.

Grace for the friends that I've failed to be a good friend to because I'm so wrapped up in these boys.

Grace for the moments I feel helpless as a Mama and don't know how to fix whatever it is that ails them.

And now, grace for a night where I'm shutting down the computer, turning off the lights, and going to bed early.

I just need to rest in this grace.

Night, friends.

What do you need extra grace for today?

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