January 4, 2013

good to be a brother

To think that I was afraid now makes me laugh.

That a little over six months ago I was so unsure and fearful of how another child would change our family.  Really, it is near hilarious.

There is a reason the Lord tells us not to fear.  

Six months into this mom-of-two gig, and I am grateful that God knows what is best for our family far better than I do.  Adding to our family has been oh so good.  I can't think of a previous six months that has brought me more joy.

I know it is good when Jude wakes up and asks about Isaac (Eye-see) first thing in the morning.

I know it is good when Isaac is more smothered by hugs and kisses than anyone in our family, since he is doted on by all three of us.

I know it is good when a little Mr.Mom constantly replaces pacis, wipes Isaac's face with a burp cloth, and grabs a spoonful of baby food and (almost) feeds his little brother dinner.

I know it is good when I see the two of them laugh hysterically at one another for reasons only a brother could understand.

I know it is good when they snuggle on the floor together and I see the absolute glee in Isaac's face as Jude (gently) wrestles him and gives him paci kisses.

I know it is good when I already see opportunity to teach Jude about sharing, gentleness, apologizing, and forgiveness.

I know it is good when life before kids is fading from memory and I'm at peace with that.

I could not have planned this life. 

Six months in, I see so much goodness.  So much faithfulness.  Loads and loads of grace.  And a sweet little boy only God knew we needed.

Can I just say that I must be one blessed lady to have the opportunity to raise brothers.

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