January 2, 2013

keep walking. keep seeking.

Hello 2013!

I feel like a little kid again, with a Christmas vacation coming to an end.  While vacations have forever changed now that we have two littles in our family, having the hubby home for a stay-cation this week has taken a load off my shoulders and allowed some rest that my spirit needed.

This past week, the hubs and I found ourselves discussing the coming year and what our hopes and goals and expectations might be.  Much of what we are doing is just continuing the good that we already have in our life.  But as I thought about growing as a follower of Christ, a wife, a Mama, and a writer, I found myself making a list of MORE and LESS.

Such as MORE sleep.

More fitness.

Less TV.

More reading.  More writing.

Less social media.

More homemaking.  More encouraging.

Less stuff.

More praying.  More stillness.

Less comparison.

More productive mornings.  More card writing.

Less shopping and spending.

More date nights.  More planned rest.

Less laziness.

We are just going to keep walking.  Keep reading truth.  Keep seeking Christ.  Keep pursuing oneness in our marriage.  Anything that goes against that will be cut out.

As far as this space goes, I'm going to keep writing.  I've got a sweet group of gals to hold me accountable to my commitment to use this site for His glory.  But much beyond that, 2013 is a mystery to me as far as where this blog will go.

One thing that the hubs and I decided to do to add to our Christ-seeking and marriage-oneness is reading the Bible together.  We decided that a 6 month plan would be best for us, and we're doing the 6-month reading plan from You Version.  (If you have a smart-phone or tablet, this is truly the #1 most important app to have.)

This is kind of a big deal to me.

You see, I've planned to read the Bible from cover to cover many many times.  And fallen off the wagon every. single. time.

This time will be different.

I have determination, and even better, I have accountability.  I just love that my hubby is doing this with me, and I pray that it will deepen our marriage in ways we would never expect.

Also, I am sharing this goal here.  Because I hope you will either
Ajoin me, or
B. check in on me and ask how it's going.

I am so excited to get a little more radical in my pursuit of the Word.  I know that it will not be time wasted.    

What is your plan in your Bible reading this year?  What are you seeking more of and less of?

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