January 29, 2013

what I'm loving now

I just gotta say it.  This sick season is starting to wear on me.

If not the boys, then me.

I find little more frustrating than being awake with a fever myself, while the littles sleep, knowing there won't be opportunity to make up for the loss later on.

Okay.  Complaining over.

Despite being cooped up inside, there are so many things I love about now.  In all honesty, my homebody self does not mind the lack of adventure much at all.  We've watched movies, colored, play-dohed, drank hot cocoa, read books upon books, had dance parties, and loads and loads of snuggles.

I'm loving these days how Isaac's sweet personality is coming out more and more.  He flat out adores his big brother.  While sitting with the two boys on my lap watching a movie this afternoon, Isaac kept leaning over and giving Jude the wettest open-mouth-baby-kisses.  Jude pushes him away, of course.  A dynamic that will surely be interesting to watch grow over the next months and years.

I'm loving how Isaac nuzzles into me after I get him up from a nap and just makes the sweetest coos.  So full of love.

I'm loving watching Jude grow in his vocabulary.  He's on the later side of talking, but I know he will get there.  He is busy being active and perfecting his hand-eye coordination.  But that little voice chanting "pizza! pizza! pizza!" when I told him what was for dinner tonight and making sure everyone, including "I-sey" has their meal just melts my heart.

I'm loving the 6 month Bible reading plan I'm doing with my hubs.  We've never read the Bible through together and I now think this is something every married couple should do at least once!

I'm loving thinking about the future, and trying hard to surrender instead of worry.  So much (good) potential as we think of our plans to move in the next year or two.  Where will we live?  What will schooling look like?  How many kids do we want to add to our family?  All of these have been the topic of conversation as we seek to make wise decisions.

I'm loving trying to take life a bit slower.  Practicing saying "no" to even some good things so I can say "yes" more to my family.  This is never time wasted.

What are you loving now?

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