February 1, 2013

five minute friday :: afraid

A phrase I heard once that has stuck with me is simply stated that God doesn't give you grace for your worry, he gives you grace for your the moment you're in.

There is nothing that has caused me more joy, and worry, in life than being a mother.

With such a great gift and great responsibility leaves much to be lost.

There are times when I find myself obsessing over every little thing.  Kids meeting milestone markers.  Isaac's little flat baby head.  Jude not quite talking as much as other kids his age.  Google does not do me any favors.

In all reality, I know that my worries are miniscule.  Not life or death.  Not even the smallest hint for concern.  Simply me being an obsessive Mom.  And my mind just goes over and over and over things.  Google helps me to continue to ruminate instead of encouraging me to surrender my worries and my fears to the one who asks me to cast them upon Him.

It's struck me lately that worry and fear are easily one of Satan's strongest footholds in my life.  It's what consumes my mind instead of letting truth reign.

Yet, the word says fear only the Lord.

So, this is me surrendering my crazy ruminations.  Choosing to not be afraid.  But to live in confidence of a sovereign God.


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