February 18, 2013

the most important thing

It seems to happen over night, doesn't it?

One night they go to bed only a baby and wake up and they're talking and jumping and turning two in a matter of weeks.  And the other who I swear I was just pregnant with yesterday.  And now has teeth and eats his own food and is only days away from crawling all over the place.

And again I am in the busy season where the days are long but the weeks and months and years go by so quickly.  The childhood that seemed to last forever, I now know was only the blink of an eye.

It's bittersweet.  I'm thankful for the difficult times to pass, knowing that one day I will look on them fondly.  Loving to watch them grow and learn, but wishing they could stay little always.

But this here is my missionfield.  My kingdom work of serving these little people and pointing them toward the Lord.

This is the hardest work I have ever done.  The work my heart is completely wrapped up in and I am too often tempted to worry and try to control what is not mine to do so.  Worry that I will do them right.  That I will be imperfect.  But then knowing that of course I will be.  But in seeking Him in the day to day going through the motions, and in praying that their hearts would see past me and to Him.  Because it will never be about me.  My prayer is that the Lord would capture their hearts.

I think of that day often, lately.  I'm in a season immersed with loads of scripture reading of His plan for His people.  And also a season of hearing of many other's testimonies and I wonder what theirs will be.

In my many prayers for these precious boys, my boldest is that they would know and love Him deeply.

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