March 7, 2013

life shared :: Chrissy

I hope you all will enjoy reading some of Chrissy's heart today!  She and I got connected via some mutual blog friends, and found out that we live in the same city!  I have written for her a couple of times and so it was long overdue that she share her heart over here.  I just love her story of redemption and the new creation that she is in Christ and her overflowing passion for Him.  Thanks for sharing, Chrissy!

I am honored to be here today with you. My name is Chrissy, and I write over at the PEARL blog.


Especially because I get to spend my birthday visiting such wonderful friends That’s right today’s my birthday I turned 31 this morning…

I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you how God has been working in my life these last 31 years…

I was born… Okay I won't start that far back...

God has worked some pretty big miracles in my life, they are miracles to me anyway.  He has blessed me with 3 healthy, joy filled, Jesus loving, very outgoing children.  He has forgiven me for making some pretty awful choices.  Even this past weekend at the image me set free conference He reminded me that he has forgiven me for having an abortion You can read about my story here.

He also reminded me that I do not need to be ashamed for my past. That my sin have been covered by his blood and now I am as white as snow.  Metaphorically and literally I am pastey white right now! Ha!

I am looking forward to this 31st year of life. I know God has an amazing plan for me and my story, the story he wrote just for me. I want to glorify him in my actions and my words.

journal from paper coterie

I can hardly keep back the excitement inside of all he has done for me.
I am truly a new creation. 

I would love for you to stop over and visit my blog when you have time Although i know it's hard to pull you self away from such an inspiring place as Lindsy’s, I’m sure she wont mind if you promise to come right back!

Have a great week friends. I will be praying for each of you. My birthday present to myself is to be able to pray for you. So please, in the comments leave me your prayer requests And be assured that this week I will spend extra time with my father praying for you!

let's get to know each other...

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