March 16, 2013

when pruning brings life :: guest post at Fancy Little Things

I found myself face to face with God's sovereignty.  Three years ago, after a journey that involved miscarriage, devastation, and the bleak understanding that control was not mine to have, I started to let go.

You would think that, in those circumstances, the stark reality of my own lack of control would find me further in the pits.  But that isn't what I found at all.

It was a Sunday morning at church, with a tear streamed face, that I felt God say, "I am more powerful than science.  Trust me."  In that moment I finally felt freedom to surrender my worry-filled anxiety and desire to control.  And, in return, I found hope.  I found unfathomable love.  And I found unexplainable peace.

Pruning is a difficult thing.  Cutting off limbs and buds, many times that may appear healthy to the outsider.  But the gardner knows that what is better is yet to come.  By removing this limb or bud, we can grow this tiny plant into a beautiful garden some day.  But only if it remains tended by the gardener....  

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