March 6, 2013

who inspires me

After my post about being more selective with my internet time, I had many people ask what exactly I changed, and also, whose blogs I do choose to follow.

I must say, I am still far from perfect in the iPhone use department, but I can say that I'm starting to make habit of resisting it in my moments of boredom.  And that in and of itself - allowing wonder and boredom at times, is so freeing.

The main thing I did was delete facebook off my iPhone completely.  I'm not near as tempted by twitter or instagram, so for me this was enough for me to detach a little bit.  I also turned off all of my notifications.  Even email.  I check on my terms, not when my iPhone notifies me.  I say when, not my iPhone.

I thought I'd share my top 10 go-to blogs.  The ones that, if I don't have time for anyone else, I am sure to check them regularly.  I read far more blogs than 10 (try about 175 I'm subscribed to) but these all have a special place in my "Favorite Writers" folder.

I will say, I like them all for different reasons.  Some, I love their writing.  Some, I love their wisdom.  Some, I love their friendship.

So, here you have it (in no particular order).

1) Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky
2) Sally Clarkson at I Take Joy
3) Amanda Williams at Life. Edited.
4) Jamie Martin at Steady Mom
5) Melissa Beaver at The Lovely Words
6) Lisa-Jo Baker at
7) Kat Lee at Inspired to Action
8) Aly Allen at Blossom & Vine
9) Cassidy Robinson at
10) Jessi Connolly at Naptime Diaries

Wow - that was a hard list to narrow down.  I feel like I could have done 11 or 12.

Oh, what the heck.

11) Kristin Cho at Lily & Light
12) Amy Davis at To Be Changed

Now go visit one or two of these ladies and say hello. :-)  Their words are worth hearing (in my opinion).  Uplifting.  Encouraging.  Inspiring.  Honest.  Genuine.  Making me want to be a better Mama and wife.

And stay tuned tomorrow, as I have a friend who so graciously is sharing part of her story here on my blog.  A story of redemption and truth.  I can't wait.

What are some your favorite blogs?  The ones you must check even if you only have a minute?

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