April 3, 2013


Hello sweet friends.  I'm still here.  I've been a bit blog-shy lately, if you haven't noticed.  There are a number of reasons for that.  One, being simply busy busy busy.  My moments without a child attached to me are few and far between.  And my "to-do" list is longer than my spare time, so there you have it.  

Two, is simply me just taking a breather to recharge.  It is funny, even though I'm not physically with people in the online world, sometimes I still feel the same introvert needing-to-retreat feeling when I've been connected a bit too long.  I happened to realize that it has literally been a week since I opened my computer.  I suppose that just happened.  In any case, I feel refreshed and have some perspective.

Three, is the fact that my computer is slower. than. molasses.  I'm in desperate need for some new memory for this 5-year-old MacBook so that I can clink between links without waiting 5 minutes for it to load.  Enough was enough and this morning I ordered it.  It will be here Friday, thank you Amazon Prime.  

Anyway, I thought I'd take this Wednesday to update you on the happenings around here...


... I am finding that the hardest part about having a second child is trying not to compare him to the first.  Different child, different priorities, different personality.  All still wonderful.  But different.  And I really should be thankful that my laid-back sweet Isaac is so content... and not crawling or doing much of the same stuff that my very-active Jude was at this age.  Nothing's wrong.  I know that.  So I need to soak up the right-now baby that he still is.  Because once he starts really moving, it is never quite the same (this i know).

... I watched Les Miserables (the musical) for the first time over the weekend.  And aside from being completely infatuated with the musical brilliance of the whole thing (and desperately missing my choir days), I found myself struck with the reality of the privilege that I live in.  A privileged time.  A privileged lifestyle.  No war.  No threat.  Blessed.  And dare I say, I never realized how entitled I might be?  (I feel more thoughts on this for another time...)

... I'm toying with the way I approach this blog.  Many blogs have themes or even so simply, links and categories that they write about.  I've tried to box myself in in this way (under the radar) - just because others do it perhaps?  But it never quite feels right.  Sometimes I want this to be a place where I can come daily and just pour out my thoughts.  Unrestrained.  Sometimes I don't feel the freedom to do so.  I'm not sure why that is.  

... I'm disappointed with the way I approached Easter this year.  Possibly simply because Jude's birthday was smack dab in the middle of it, but I didn't give it near as much thought as I have in years past.  But in the depths of my heart, the weight of what Jesus' death and resurrection means is far more real to me.  What this says about God is more powerful and complex and loving than I ever realized before.  I'm still chewing on many of these thoughts.  That, and also trying to figure out how to celebrate such holidays with my children.  I feel very much the same way about the Easter bunny as I do about Santa Claus.  Does anyone know the history behind a bunny than hides eggs anyway?  Please let me know if you do!

... I'm doing Jen Hatmaker's study, Interrupted, and find it challenging for certain.  Her thoughts and questions are good ones.  I don't have a solid opinion formed on the study yet, but it is certainly encouraging me to have my hands open for the Lord, asking what is your will for me HERE and NOW in this moment?  I think so often I forget that I am where I'm supposed to be instead of looking forward to what I will do for the Lord or my kids or whatever it may be.

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