October 4, 2013

day 4 :: dear self

Dear self,

Today, find freedom in the fact that you aren't expected to fit into any molds.  Don't get caught up in the rules and expectations put on you by the world, your culture, your peers, and yourself.

If you give into your toddler's demands through tantrums now and then, for the pursuit of peace, that is okay.

If you haven't gotten up before the kids in weeks, and struggle to make this a habit, that's okay.

If your 2.5 year old still is addicted to a pacifier and you see no sign of that stopping, even though so-and-so says it should be long gone, that is okay.

If you feed your family frozen pizza instead of the real-food-eat-clean meal you had planned, that's okay, too.

If you feel like there is so much you should be doing because that is what they say, but you simply don't know how to do it all, you are not alone.

We weren't called to do it all.  To fit into any mold or style of motherhood, but rather to love the Lord and love others well.

If motherhood looks differently than you think it should, know that it doesn't need to hold you captive.  It doesn't need to be a reason you self-criticize or condemn.  You are doing hard kingdom work.  Don't let the lie that you are just a mom and you need to do more set root in your mind.

Be the you that Christ created you to be.  Praise Him in that.  And keep on your journey faithfully.  You will try different things and some will work and some will utterly fail.  What works for one will not work for another.  All of this is okay.  Your life is not supposed to mimic your friends' on facebook.  Because you were uniquely created as you were.  Uniquely you, because that is exactly who God needs you to be.  

Know that there is freedom to be found in loving yourself, because you were created by a loving God.

Love, me

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