January 5, 2014

hello, hello again


Well, hello there.  This is awkward.

Do you kind of feel like I stood you up for a coffee date?  Or said I'd meet you at a book club or a yoga class and never showed?

I don't blame you if you do.  And I'm sorry.  I don't have a good excuse for completely cutting out of my 31 days of finding freedom, except to perhaps share the advice to not commit to 31 days of writing spontaneously at 11pm the night before the first post is due, with not much of a plan at all.  And also, realizing that sharing my journey to finding freedom was more intense, and that posting then would have been a bit premature.

In any case.  I'm here.

Hello.  I've missed you.

And Happy New Year.

My journey to finding freedom is far from over.

It is easy to be jealous and discontent.  To wallow in guilt, even.  It is much harder to choose truth and love.  A righteous life doesn't just happen.  It is trusting God, instead of how I feel.  A life fully alive in the Lord begins with faithfulness in the smallest of things.  Choosing thoughts that are pure and lovely.  Words that encourage and edify.  Actions that serve and love.  Doing what is wise and best, instead of what is easy.

There is freedom in this heart work.   An end to our bondage through Christ.  We just have to choose it to receive it.  This is about where I have landed after my finding freedom journey from October.

January is just another month, but there is something inspiring about a fresh number atop the calendar.  An opportunity to make 2014 the year that this or that changed or happened or was dreamed.

Which leads me to my word of the year for 2014....

... which I will share later this week.  Because I need to redeem myself and I have no intention of standing you up once again.

It's good to be back, friends.  Are you living free?

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