Hello there.

Welcome to this place. I’m Lindsy and this is where I process all the goings-on in my mind. My safe place to brain dump, if you will. My breath of fresh air.

I often say, sometimes I don’t even know what I think until I say it out loud – or write it. The plight of a verbal processor. At the same time, I love stories. And if you think you don’t have a story, it’s a lie! Everyone is on a journey. Everyone has suffered. Everyone has rejoiced. And we all need a whole lotta grace. This is my place to share and invite others into the conversation. You have a seat at this table.

I don’t have things all figured out.  I just aim to live in a place of extravagant freedom in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Continually laying down my ways and relying on Him for my everything.  Like a dance, and I misstep all the time. Grace offers me a place at the Lord’s table in eternity. And I am forever grateful .

My favorite book genre is a memoir (the stories thing). My favorite music has a little folk flair and a little rock and roll. My favorite place to be is where I can breathe the fresh air.

I’m a Mama to four kiddos. The first two boys came the old fashioned way. The third boy took us on a trip around the world to China, and took my heart on a journey that has forever changed me (and much of that I’m still trying to process). Then we had one caboose baby, a girl, who has softened us all and slowed us down. I homeschool this crazy crew, and yes, I do think that many days I have lost my mind. The other days, I give thanks that I GET TO pour into my kids in such a way.

I had a blog once and it lasted for years. Then I hit a hard season. A season where my tongue felt tied and my lips bound and I felt in my struggle that I had nothing to say. A friend recently called out the mute spirit I had been burdened with. This is me choosing freedom, even when it feels completely vulnerable and brave at the same time. This is me, believing that I do have something worth saying. This is me being obedient, and speaking up. I find life here.

Also, because this is important, I’m currently in an enneagram crisis.  BUT thinking that I'm likely a 4w5-ish.